Marigot first look

We got our adorably tiny rental car, but there was some mixup with Verizon, we were forced to navigate with a map. Quelle horreur. We finally stopped in the tourist office to confirm that we in the right place, and yes. 

But the AirBnB property manager wasn’t there, so we had to wait a few minutes. No problem with that…

We set out for a look around. Nicer, better maintained than St. Croix for sure. A mix of French and English spoken. This ship almost looks like a movie prop in the afternoon sun. 

As darkness fell , we headed back toward the house. 

Dinner at Rosemary’s (curried goat and grilled snapper), then a trip to the grocery store. So far, prices seem very reasonable. If you pay cash in dollars, which I can do for about another day before running out, you get a discount. I suppose those transactions might not make it to the tax collectors. 

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