Morning musings

A few random shots from recent morning walks around Brattleboro. 

One way to afford a fancy plug-in hybrid is to carry a table lamp in the back seat. 

These blocks appeared a while ago to block off a makeshift parking area. Parking can be tricky for downtown residents, because few houses have garages, and in the winter you’re not allowed to park on the street (to make way for the plows). Plus, those blocks are across from somebody’s front window. So, the whole block thing just seemed a little hostile to me. Los numéros appeared a few weeks later. Somehow I think they are wonderfully, slyly subversive. 

Here’s a fire truck getting its daily bath. We recently learned that one of our half-million-dollar trucks must be replaced several years ahead of schedule because the frame is rusted. And we are currently paying a million dollars a year in bond interest to replace this fire station, for reasons that include mold in the walls. Maybe consider drying the truck more thoroughly before pulling it back in?

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