On my recent trip I spent a lot of time taking my camera in and out of a pocket or backpack, turning it on and off, trying to grab a shot before it was too late. As a result, there were a fair number of unintentional exposures: hooray for digital cameras with no marginal per-picture cost.

For whatever reason, this one struck me as inordinately attractive when I looked at it that evening. Pure formlessness, unreconizable. So much of the trip was a fairly intense attempt to recognize something: a bike rider behind his sunglasses, a half-remembered word on the menu, the correct exit off a roundabout, a pedaling threshold that will balance beating the guy in front with the possibility of cramps. A whole lot of left brain, and in that sense not unlike my normal life.

Somehow, this blurry picture which appeared in my camera roll one tired evening led me to a sort of mini epiphany and served for the rest of the trip as a reminder to stop, switch cerebral hemispheres, and just enjoy, which I did.

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