It takes a village 

to make a glass bowl.

After I finished the Boys and Girls Club bike ride on Saturday (and yes, you can still donate), we joined the Provs at The Hot Glass Art Center in Marlborough, NH for a glassblowing lesson. It was a lot of fun!  Jo, the owner, in the middle, and her assistant Bridg, right, did a very impressive job of simultaneously telling us EXACTLY what to do and keeping it light and fun. Lee supplied some extra air.

On the one hand, very easy to get started: with no experience whatsoever, we were able to make seven neat things in under two hours, bowls, a pitcher, a glass, and some decorative flowers. On the other hand, there would be plenty of opportunities to practice… years’ worth, actually! None of our pieces ended up exactly round, or as thin as we might have wanted, or perfectly tapered, or totally smooth. But they will be serviceable, and nice to look at, and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

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