Bye bye Bernie

Another mass shooting, close to home for all of us in America. My sympathy to the widening concentric circles of victims, but that’s not really worth much. A few dollars to a victim assistance campaign, again, nice, but not really gonna change anything. 

So what can I do? Sarah Brady showed us that it takes enormous passion, skill, and a whole lot of money to move the needle a little bit, and I haven’t even one percent of her powers. 

I do have a one choice I get to make this year, however, and this morning it became crystal clear. Despite his many good positions, Bernie Sanders misses the boat on guns, claiming that his Vermont values don’t let him come out in favor of European-style restrictions on gun ownership. 

Today, we’re again faced with the horrifying but undeniable realization that “live and let live” doesn’t cut it any more. Madame President, I hope you can succeed where so many have tried, and reduce the number of mass shootings we must endure in the years ahead. You have my full support. 

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