Estey Organs. 

Estey Organs, full stop. Which is a funny, see? Organs, stops?

As many times as I’ve been by these buildings, I never noticed that sign until today. 

Church of Signs and Wonders, on the Strand, Frederiksted, St. Croix , USVI

An accident waiting to happen

Why are these two jars of red sauce sitting on the floor in the produce department, near the potatoes? Why are they leaking? And most puzzlingly, why did protocol dictate that the guy with the Wet Floor sign leave the pasta sauce in flagrante? Will the CSI team be along soon? Or does Wet Floor Guy know something the rest of us don’t?

Jobless recovery

Around the back of the huge outlet mall, I found this sign for Workforce Solutions Self-Service.

“What? Yeah, sure we are, always looking for good people! You go out by the loading dock and you’ll see a shopping cart and a dumpster. You can just take it from there, it’s self-service. Have a blessed day!”

Amaze your relatives with this powerful fashion

We wandered into the Cherished Goods thrift store this weekend to see if we could get a jump on the ugly sweater contest that is planned for our family Christmas in Houston. No joy on the sweaters, but we found this wonderful sign.

With the Latchis marquee all lit up in the background, the newly reopened Brattleboro Cheese shop vented its frustration yesterday. We wish them well in their new space, which has hosted several failures since we arrived on the scene. Hopefully they can break the curse!

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