Good evening Goodwin

After we stood outside looking forlorn for a couple of minutes, the crew at the new bar in the Goodwin Hotel invited us in to participate in their soft opening. Glad to see this old hotel reopening, part of a wave of downtown revitalization that is hitting Hartford. 

In the heart of Hartford 

Last week I took a lunchtime walk around Hartford, enjoying one of the few remaining warm fall days. It was drizzling, but still.

I crossed the tracks, literally and figuratively, into some neighborhoods I’d never been in. As we passed on the sidewalk, a young man admonished me “Don’t nobody need to be knowin your business.”

I headed down Asylum Street toward an area dominated by old insurance company buildings and an improbable collection of churches. There’s a multi-part installation of rocks with etched poems that contributed to the meditative and melancholy feeling.

A statue honoring the American School for the Deaf, and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. I stayed at Gallaudet University a while back for a meeting.

The striking, ugly St. Joseph’s Cathedral. I went inside, and there’s lots of nice stained glass, but it still felt like a tomb.

But I can always be cheered up by a nice pair of knockers…

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