Buildings and bridges 

My last morning in Chicago, in which I enjoyed a nice morning walk. There’s a lot of architecture here, which is like saying there’s a lot of weather: anywhere there’s a building there’s architecture. But in Chicago it seems like there’s a lot of “significant” architecture. There are also a lot of these building-sized murals, particularly I think in places where neighboring buildings have been torn down, leaving relatively ugly brick walls exposed.

On my walk, I went across the Roosevelt Street viaduct and bridge, which included these cool little sculptures on the handrail…

Life’s Little Ups and Downs

Some of the things that have become themes on this blog might seem mundane, even silly. Manhole covers, duct tape on cars, door knockers, that sort of thing. However, there are moments of excitement…

But rest assured, I don’t travel around the world only to stare at the pavement… There is cool stuff up in the air as well.

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