Vin de Bourgogne

The Bistro des Gourmets, a brand new French restaurant, has opened up down the road, run by actual French people. We had a magical meal there with the Provs, and so we decided to try out their monthly wine pairing menu.

The place was packed for this dinner, and the three owners were clearly run ragged by the time we started eating about 8 PM. Still a good meal, but everything was a little overdone and too heavy for a summer dinner.

We know how tough it is to open a restaurant and particularly how tough it is to scale from, say, 10 covers on Tuesday to 60 on Wednesday. We hope these guys can smooth out the rough edges and find a good rhythm so it can become a haunt for us instead of just a novelty.

I’m a Soul Man

It was wonderful to see ex-neighbor Brian this week as he passed through on a work trip.

We had a great dinner at Soul, which is one of the places that perennially gets a spot in the xxx best restaurants lists. We had cocktails beforehand, and more than one bottle of Central Otago pinot noir (that’s my only NZ wine phrase, and probably elicits the same reaction real wine snobs as “merlot” did in Sideways). As a result, I don’t remember as much about the food as I’d like , but it was good, the service was also good, and the company was better. 

Just Desserts

We walked to Woodpecker Hill restaurant for our first really good fancy meal in Auckland last weekend, celebrating our 27th anniversary. Yay! Super cool place, great food (I was actually tempted to write about the bok choy, but who writes about bok choy), really nice service… attentive yet unobtrusive. 

We chose the top dessert, and it actually might have been my least favorite course…. too many delicious things all rolling around together. Still scraped every milligram off the plate, however. 

From lox to laksa

Your average Kiwi would be very happy to eat brunch in an American cafe or restaurant, and vice-versa. Eggs, toast, bacon, cheese, maybe some avocado and tomato here and there. Smoked fish on a bagel, surely!

But the “average” doesn’t totally capture Auckland these days… there’s a lot of people from a lot of places. So today we turned ourselves over to Yelp and had Malaysian laksa for brunch, way delicious. It’s a rich coconut broth with chili, chicken, noodles, some unidentifiable things, hard boiled egg, veggies, and some of that crazy Chinese sausage… yowza! Malaysian might be my new favorite Asian cuisine, even though I’ve only had it a few times.