Too Cute

Auckland’s car culture is well developed. In addition to the highest concentration of exotic-ish sports cars I’ve ever seen, there are plenty of Bentleys and Rolls rolling around. And the level just below is well populated: nice Jags, Teslas, Mercedes AMGs, like that. 

But our budget doesn’t really run that way at the moment. Luckily, we’re attracted to cuteness as well as luxury. And since our actual needs for a car are purely recreational, we would likely end up with a Miata or something if we decided to buy a car. 

Recently we’ve seen a couple unfamiliar models and thought, wow, how fun, we could get one of those! But no… read on. 

The Nissan Will VI was a production version of a concept car aimed at young people in the early 2000s. An interesting story, and a relatively rare car, not something that would work for us. 

The Smart Roadster? Same type of story… doesn’t matter if we like it or not, we won’t be buying one. 


You know there’s a housing bubble when, in the same block, there’s a guy who can afford a Maserati but not a garage… 

and another guy has the same problem with his McLaren!

Vanadu WTF

This guy was spotted around Brattleboro for a few days earlier this month. His own website,, probably describes it best. I didn’t actually know you could get a .wtf domain, but now I understand why it’s necessary for that option to exist. 

It was fun to watch people, especially men, drive by slowly and then keep craning their necks into the rear view mirror for a longer look. 

Wellington cars

Except that they drive on the wrong side, cars in Wellington look like a slightly scaled down version of cars at home. Not as crazy small as European cars look to me, but sensibly smaller than what I see around town in Vermont. I did see a Figaro, but wasn’t quick enough to get a shot. Here’s a couple of standouts…

This Cobra spent the night outside my hotel, and I appreciated the honesty of its vanity plate.

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