More morning walks

Another week in lockdown… We got torrential rains earlier in the week. Some neighborhood flooding, homes wrecked. Great for our still-depleted reservoirs. Dramatic skies and rainbows. Located on Enterprise Street, it makes sense that this building is called Enterprise House. But we think they got their movie franchises wrong: that should be Darth Vader House…. Continue Reading →


On a memorably unmemorable day in France some years ago, I discovered the beauty and charm of old door knockers. Today on our lockdown walk, we spotted a nice knocker, and then the next two houses had good ones too. We think maybe it’s a bit of neighborhood rivalry, like on those streets where everybody… Continue Reading →

Ho ho Hobart

I got to visit Tasmania this week for a 42-hour work trip. Thanks to Bugs Bunny cartoons, it’s a place I’ve always known about but couldn’t have found on a map until moving to the region. More recently, Hobart came to my attention via this amazing article about the Museum of Old and New Art…. Continue Reading →

A walk in the park

A couple of shots from the Auckland Domain… the parrots always make me happy. And I always love looking at good knockers, even if they’re a little older.

Life’s Little Ups and Downs

Some of the things that have become themes on this blog might seem mundane, even silly. Manhole covers, duct tape on cars, door knockers, that sort of thing. However, there are moments of excitement… But rest assured, I don’t travel around the world only to stare at the pavement… There is cool stuff up in… Continue Reading →

In the heart of Hartford 

Last week I took a lunchtime walk around Hartford, enjoying one of the few remaining warm fall days. It was drizzling, but still. I crossed the tracks, literally and figuratively, into some neighborhoods I’d never been in. As we passed on the sidewalk, a young man admonished me “Don’t nobody need to be knowin your… Continue Reading →

All I really wanted was a grande skim latte. However, Starbucks in this part of the world don’t open as early as they should, so I found myself at loose ends at 6:30 in the morning. Heading out from the hotel, you have two choices: down toward the water, or up the surprisingly steep hills… Continue Reading →

Nantucket knockers I hate to say it, but Orange Street’s knockers might be even better than the original French collection.

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