So many things to do!!

The adventure is off to a rollicking good start. Having gone from a town of lots to a town of a few, the feeling of so much going on is especially rewarding.

We’ve had more energy to explore our surroundings thanks to the generosity of our next-door neighbor, who offered us a room while we get settled and unpacked. That has been a godsend.

On our first night in town, we were treated (Thank you Tom!!!) to a fantastic dinner at Peter Havens restaurant. Two times out of two I’ve met wonderful people at the bar there.

The next night was Brattleboro’s monthly Gallery Walk. We walked around a bit, had dinner at Luna Azul (where we will definitely return), and saw a contortionist at Metropolis, although from our seats we only saw the occasional pointed toe or sinuous elbow.

Yesterday we saw a wonderfully arcane mid-afternoon organ concert at First Baptist Church.

Today, the laundromat and Home Depot, more unpacking and then real life intrudes as I get back to work in the AM.

One thought on “So many things to do!!

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